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1 for 1
Lessons for Zafirah
The Colour of Olives


Production company founded in Mexico in 2008 by Carolina Rivas and Daoud Sarhandi. Now established in Catalonia.

Provocative in its style of filmmaking, CREADORESCONTEMPORÁNEOS has positioned itself as one of the most original film producers on the international scene. Its films defy the logic of a passive-conditioned cinema, opening the door to the opposite: an active cinema of exploration and social and human consciousness and responsibility.

Visionary in its production system and utilising an economy of resources, CREADORESCONTEMPORÁNEOS has so far produced three feature films with great international success: The Colour of Olives (Carolina Rivas, Mexico-Palestine, 2006); Lessons for Zafirah (Carolina Rivas and Daoud Sarhandi, Mexico, 2011), 1 for 1 (Carolina Rivas and Daoud Sarhandi, Mexico-Spain, 2013).

CREADORESCONTEMPORÁNEOS is also recognised as an institution for film studies. Rivas and Sarhandi have developed a new education system in order to teach an authentic and vital cinema. Rivas’ book, Film Step by Step: Methodology of Self-knowledge was the recipient, for its contribution to film education in Mexico, of a National Scholarship for Culture and the Arts. Published in Mexico, 2010 and Spain, 2020.

Retrospective of Rivas and Sarhandi's film work at the Centro Cultural de España en México. 3 to 25 July, 2021.

Also, watch our films online in Spain and México.